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The conscious collaboratory is a catalyst for shift and change. Whether it’s coaching, facilitation, education, or training, we will navigate the complexities to help you re-think, re-solve, and re-imagine a path forward.

Meet the founder, Wendy Moomaw

Wendy Moomaw (she/her) is a Chinese-American woman, an executive coach, and facilitator whose professional learnings and lived experience are reflected in the work she does with clients and their teams. She holds numerous certifications in coaching and leadership instruments and excavates culture, structures, and systems to uncover what’s invisibly influencing a leader. She simultaneously deepens her learning using embodiment as a practice and as a catalyst for change. Wendy infuses a systems approach into her work and distills patterns that help her clients be more intentional about how they lead and how they approach problem-solving and organizational challenges. Wendy designs experiential workshops and consistently reimagines the future, as demonstrated through her co-creation of Reimagining Racial Equity and reimagining patriarchy workshops. Through the lenses of culture, racial equity, and patriarchy, Wendy helps leaders uncover what is their inner work to do, in their sphere of influence, from the perspective of their lived experiences, to create the outcomes that matter most. Teachers who have influenced her embodiment practices include Resmaa Menakem, Arawana Hayashi, Manish Srivastava, Rev. angel Kyodo Williams, Báyò Akómoláfé, and Tema Okun. These teachings have deepened her ability to use the body as a gateway: to deepen the capacity of leadership, to explore ancestral lineage through an intercultural lens, and to be in and dance with culture, racial equity, and/or patriarchy as catalysts for shift and change.

Reimagining Racial Equity is an 8-week immersive, multi-dimensional, and transformative workshop that practices racial equity as a catalyst for shift and change in self and organizations. reimagining patriarchy is a multi-session workshop that explores the intent and impact of patriarchy on all people. It is an act of curiosity, learning, and embodiment that leads us into living a life rooted in what we value most. Wendy also curates a community Leader Lab in the land of the Piscataway (aka Columbia, Maryland), where leaders deepen their strategic awareness, notice the impact of their culture on their leadership, and make nuanced moves to reimagine what’s possible for their teams, their businesses, and our community. She is also a member of the 3rd, a women of color entrepreneurial space.