What is patriarchy?

The origins of patriarchal social structures are approximated to be 10 thousand years old. These structures shape our experiences, identities, and bodies, around the world. Patriarchy thrives on domination and suppression which leaves us fragmented from ourselves and from our communities. Noticing and naming the structure and its impact can create a pause; in this pause we are empowered to make a choice. On one side of this choice is maintaining structures of domination, and on the other is a freedom that we must create together. What will you choose? At the macro level, we will explore the structures of patriarchy at the intersection of race, gender, and culture. At the micro level, we will inquire into the impact these systems have on the bodies and minds of us as individuals.

What is reimagining patriarchy?

reimagining patriarchy is an act of curiosity, learning, and embodiment that leads us into living a life rooted in what we value most. Through this multi-workshop series, and an individual coaching session – we will identify, investigate and interrupt structures of patriarchy beginning with each of us as individuals and expanding into wider spheres of our life. Through the use of storytelling, embodied practice, inquiry, and discussion in the cohort, we will strengthen our ability to be present in our own lives. We will talk and pause, listen and breathe, feel and struggle, and reimagine what’s possible. We will share frameworks that will illuminate the edges of the structure and invite you to practices that you can apply to your self-care, intimate relationships, leadership opportunities, and your broader work in the world.

Who is it for?

We invite all people who are embedded in patriarchal systems and who want to co-create a new way of being in the world. This space is intentionally a mixed gender and mixed race space where we will be in discussion about race, gender, and culture and we invite all people to actively participate. If you are interested in exploring social structures, curious about interrupting patterns, and invested in reimagining a world where everyone thrives, this series is for you!


  • We will examine patriarchy through a historical and intersectional lens and apply a framework to notice and name how it shows up within us.
  • We will apply an embodiment framework to define and refine our noticing of the body to discover the patterns that patriarchy enlivens within us.
  • We will use embodied practice to increase our tolerance of discomfort and to create space for an infinite potential to emerge.
  • Intimate cohort learning space, welcoming all people and bodies.
  • One hour 1:1 embodied coaching practice session with Wendy or Nic.
  • Collective praxis: sharing authentically will let others learn from our own transformation.


I live on the land of the Piscataway and have lived experience as a Chinese Woman. I am a keen observer of patriarchy and patriarchal adjacent patterns through the lens of a mother, sister, daughter, and co-parent as well as through culture and generational patterns. I have watched patriarchy’s seductive and persistent influence shape my identities and gendered awareness, emerge through ancestral tethers and impact the lives of those I love. Patriarchy implicitly promises sovereignty and protection to the persons and bodies that look and behave in alignment and/or as expected and it diminishes the value of all other beings and creates separation from ourselves. I see these wounds as portals to disrupting patterns in myself and creating new models for how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to our families, how we lead, and how we serve. I am an embodied anti-racist and also an executive coach, an entrepreneur, a former software engineer, and a former athlete. I have been influenced by Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Resmaa Menakem, and my Chinese diaspora women. You can reach Wendy here.


I come to this work as a white man of European descent. The men in my lineage have previously never made it into healing spaces. Now, cultural shifts have enabled broader expressions of masculinity and many more of us have found ways to unravel our social conditioning. In this unraveling, we have access to a more resonant truth of who we are. Patriarchal culture has told me who I should be to live happily. However, I’ve found these instructions actually harm me, and harm other people too. I am in this work to invite more people into a collective recovery from patriarchal domination and it inspires me to see people feel like their true selves. It requires consistent practice and I have experienced that on the other side of strict rules is an abundant world of freedom and love. My principal motivation is to add to the momentum of collective healing in our current societal moment and to advance the creation of our shared future. Trained in somatic healing, meditation instruction, and contemplative psychotherapy, I have had many teachers and among the most influential are Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Resmaa Menakem, and Anam Thubten. I am a son, a brother, a partner, a nephew, a cousin, a psychotherapist, a meditation teacher, and an educator. reimagining patriarchy is not a job, it is who I aspire to be in each facet of my life. You can reach Nic here.


Check back soon to see when our next cohort will take place. In the meantime, if you are interested in creating a private workshop for your group/organization (six-person minimum) please reach out. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Pricing Model

We invite you to consider these price points for our offering. We hope you will be inspired to evaluate your own access to and availability of resources and that you will also pay what you are able while honoring our value, time, and commitment to reimagining patriarchy. We also aim to keep our offering financially accessible and we invite you to connect with Nic if you need financial support.


  • Full Cost – $1200
  • Sustaining – $900
  • Committed – $600
  • Alum – $400
We’re grateful for your consideration and to Autumn Brown and AORTA for this pricing model.