How will you widen your lens?

Our lived experiences and lenses are different. These become valuable inputs into the way we derive meaning and make sense of the world as we see it.

How do your identities, culture, and experiences shape your leadership and your decision-making?

And it, is not just our own lived experiences and lenses, it is the way we see others through our own lens. How might their perspectives influence and inform how you lead and what is possible?

The design of our coaching and facilitations are layered processes of unlearning and relearning about ourselves with a focus on outcomes that serve you most. The depth of the work in embodiment invites new lenses and awareness helps leaders explore their own edges and build deeper capacity to lead during uncertain times.

Have a look at the 3-D model; it’s imperfect and unfinished and that’s by design. Because aren’t we all?

What is my coaching approach?

Coaching with me is a multi-dimensional experience that looks simple until you take a different perspective – the colorations, the movement, the depth, the complexity. Coaching is the light that illuminates the shadows of the way we work together. This multi-dimensional experiences explores your world through narrative, through family and ancestral systems, through the somatic experience of the body, revealing the invisible ways you are shaping your leadership. By making these visible, we can then explore what’s possible and from there, you are in a place of choice about how to lead and how you can reimagine.

“Businesses are often trying to shape themselves to be safe, innovative, collaborative, and inclusive,” she told me. “But safety holds hands with fear; innovation holds hands with failure; collaboration holds hands with conflict; and inclusion holds hands with difference. These business outcomes depend on an openness to the bittersweet. Indeed, on normalizing bittersweet.”

– Susan Cain quoting Dr. Susan David in Bittersweet

Our approach to reimagining

The only thing constant is change. And it’s true for systems. By the time one problem is “solved,” another emerges, inviting fresh ideas. The conscious collaboratory re-imagine approach summons a broad range of perspectives to engage, allowing participants to re-think, re-solve, and ultimately, re-imagine.


Leverage Differences.


Collaborate and Create.





To see an example of the conscious collaboratory re-imagine approach in action, see Wendy Moomaw’s 2015 Ignite Howard County talk click here.