Revealed: The Polarities of Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism, Leadership Development, Teams, Transformation

In 1980, I went to China for the first time after it had just opened up to foreigners. I witnessed seeing trees the circumference of my wrist as the impoverished people had cut them down to use for firewood. I experienced family members sleeping on plywood bedframes with bamboo mats despite high levels of education. I marveled at the formal transportation of black bicycles stacked up by the hundreds, as people used them to move from place to place. Tiananmen Square was nearly empty as there seemed to be few domestic tourists. The Forbidden City was nearly empty in 1980 and was not yet open to the local people. At that time, Deng Xiao Ping had been elevated to the leader of the Communist Party and was interested in market-oriented economic reforms as “to get rich is glorious.”


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